The August 2022 CJO is now available online. Here are some of the highlights: 

Resident Perspectives + visual abstract: Our amazing team of residents have summarized 7 articles with a focus on what’s most relevant to ophthalmology learners here in Canada and around the globe, including the article featured in our August visual abstract, Pretreatment with frequent topical betamethasone in Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation.

Review article: Advances in magnetic resonance imaging of orbital disease  

Original research articles:

·        Clinical audit of retinoblastoma management: a retrospective single-institution study

·        Longitudinal assessment of type 3 macular neovascularization using 3D volume-rendering OCTA

·        Chalazion: racial risk factors for formation, recurrence, and surgical intervention

·        Challenging the current treatment of residual postoperative ptosis: safety and efficacy of repeat Müller’s muscle conjunctival resection

Research letters, photo essays, and case reports:

·        Bilateral curvilinear chorioretinal streaks [photo essay]

·        Gore-Tex suture exposure following transscleral fixation of an intraocular lens [photo essay]

·        Transplantation of autologous lamellar scleral graft for the treatment of corneal perforation [case report]

·        Experiences from a national webinar with recently matched Canadian ophthalmology residents for medical students [case report]

·        Uveal melanoma presenting as panophthalmitis in the absence of an intraocular mass [correspondence]

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