The COS is pleased to provide access to the presentations on Ergonomics that took place during the 2017 COS Annual Meeting in Montreal, QC. On this page you will find a variety of resources and video presentations on the subject of ergonomics.

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Scanning resources that are relevant to your professional practice by enhancing your awareness of new evidence, perspectives and findings can be claimed as Section 2: Self-Learning under Scanning in MAINPORT with the MOC Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


Video Presentation

1. Introduction

Dr. Lorne Bellan’s brief introduction to the ergonomics session.

2. Re-attaching the focus on body mechanics and ergonomics

George Matos, CAT(C)
During the 2017 COS Annual Meeting, George Matos presented two engaging lectures that encouraged delegates to re-attach their focus on body mechanics and ergonomics. During these sessions Mr. Matos explains the impacts of body positioning in the various aspects of ophthalmology, how this can negatively impact body mechanics and then he provides some tips and exercises to combat the negative effects.

PowerPoint slides for the above session: Matos Current Concepts Talk – Slides

3. The incidence and effects of work-related musculoskeletal injury among ophthalmologists

Ashley Brissette, MD

Dr. Ashley Brissette presented her findings from a systematic review of current literature regarding ergonomics and work-related MSK injury in the field of ophthalmology.

4. Occupational musculoskeletal pain & injury in Canadian ophthalmologists

Vlad Diaconita, MD

Dr. Vlad Diaconita presented the results from a survey that was sent out to the COS membership in spring 2017 regarding MSK pain and injury.

Discussion 1

5. Developing an educational module for ergonomics in ophthalmology

Timothy Ratzlaff, MD

Dr. Timothy Ratzlaff discussed the content and creation of an educational module built by applying the main points highlighted in Ashley Brissette’s literature review.

6.  Canadian Ophthalmic Practitioner Ergonomic (COPE) survey

Femida Kherani, MD

Dr. Femida Kherani presented the results from the COPE survey, which was sent out to multiple listservs in May 2017.

Discussion 2

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