Focus On Glaucoma Webinar: North America Region

As part of the activities to mark World Glaucoma Week 2020, IAPB presents six webinars to cover the regions of North America, Africa, South East Asia, Europe, Latin America and Western Pacific for members and partnering organisations to take part in during 8-14 March 2020.

The North America webinar will be moderated by Suzanne Gilbert of Seva Foundation and chaired by Alan Robin, Associate Professor Ophthalmology and International Health, Johns Hopkins University and Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan who will give an overview. The speakers will be covering a wide range of issues. Mona Kaleem will speak on glaucoma detection and trends; Amy Zhang will focus on glaucoma therapies, problems and the future; Yvonne Buys on glaucoma during pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Focus On Glaucoma webinar North America

Access Details

For more information visit the event website: webinars/north-america/