mEYEstro is a user-friendly software that automatically generates standardized graphs for refractive surgery outcomes – as prescribed by JRS, JCRS, and Cornea Journals.

The software produces the following 11 standard graphs; Efficacy: 1. Cumulative uncorrected (UDVA) and corrected visual acuity (CDVA), 2. Difference between UDVA and CDVA, Safety: 3. Change in line of CDVA, Accuracy: 4. Spherical equivalent (SEQ) to intended target, 5. Attempted vs. achieved SEQ, 6. Defocus equivalent (DEQ) accuracy, 7. Refractive astigmatism accuracy, 8. Target-induced astigmatism vs. Surgically-induced astigmatism, 9. Correction index histogram, 10. Angle of error histogram, Stability: 11. SEQ stability over time. Percent proportions, means, standard deviations, Cohen’s d effect sizes, and p-values are calculated and displayed on each graph. All graphs can be easily exported as high-resolution TIFF images for figures to use in scientific manuscripts and presentations.

The software can be downloaded at, and a tutorial is available at

Please note that our software was recently thoroughly tested, peer-reviewed and published in BMC Ophthalmology, the paper about the software is available at: