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CCI Live Series: IOL and Cataract Cases

This module was co-developed by the Canadian Cataract Institute and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance. Through this online module participants will review video and respond to a set of reflective questions related to each...

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February 21, 2020

Corner Brook Ophthalmology Meeting 2020

The Corner Brook Ophthalmology Meeting has been held regularly for the past 32 years. This year it will take place at the Marble Inn Resort in Steady Brook, Newfoundland on February 21, 2020. Dr. Darrell Lewis will be the guest...

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Toric Results Analyzer

The Toric Results Analyzer was developed by John Berdahl, MD and David Hardten, MD and can determine if rotating the Toric IOL would decrease residual astigmatism. The Toric Results Analyzer can help determine the amount of IOL rotation, and the...

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Barrett Rx Formula

The Barrett Rx Formula uses both the Barrett Universal II formula and the Barrett Toric Calculator to perform its analysis. It provides anterior segment surgeons with information that identifies how much to rotate the toric IOL in a patient with...

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Barrett Universal II Formula

The Barrett Universal II Formula is based on Gaussian principles and takes into account the change in principal planes that occur with different intraocular lens powers. The Barrett Universal II forms the foundation for the Barrett Toric calculator. Access Details...

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ASCRS Post-Refractive IOL Calculators

IOL power calculation in eyes that have undergone LASIK/PRK/RK. This website provide three calculator tools. IOL Caolculator for Eyes with Prior Myopic LASIK/PRK IOL Calculator for Eye with Prior Hyperopic LASIK/PRK IOL Calculator for Eyes with Prior RK Access Details...

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Non-Infectious Uveitis – What’s Best for my patient: Local or systemic treatment?

The COS is pleased to provide access to the presentations from the co-developed symposium Non-Infectious Uveitis: What’s Best For My Patient: Local or Systemic Treatment?, which took place at the 2018 COS Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Through these presentations,...

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CSI: Cataract Surgery Investigation

Symposium Resources The COS is pleased to provide access to the presentations from the co-developed symposium presented at the 2018 COS Annual Meeting, CSI: Cataract Surgery Investigation. Dr. Ike Ahmed, along with a team of forensic ophthalmologist investigators, presented three...

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2015 CanMEDS Framework Artfully Conveyed with LEGO

The CanMEDS 2015 Framework is an educational framework that describes the abilities physicians require to effectively meet the health care needs of the people they serve. CanMEDS is the basis for the educational and practice standards of the Royal College...

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