Webinar: KPro Study Group – Biointegration & Long Term Retention

KPro Study Group is hosting a webinar on Saturday, May 2 at 1:00 – 3:00 pm ET.

Topic 1: Biointegration
Title: Integration of different devices
Moderators: Jean Marie Parel and Christopher Liu


  • Esen Akpek – How I define biointegration: Gore Device update
  • Guillermo Amescua – Does integration matter in BKPRO?
  • Geetha Iyer – Biointegration in MOOKP/Lux
  • Marjan Farid – Keraklear device, do we see integration? What we have learned

Topic 2: Long Term Retention
Title: Profiles on longest retention; 5-year and beyond
Moderators: Jose Guell, Jose de la Cruz

Case presentations from around the world:

  • Maria de la Paz (Spain)
  • Sayan Basu (India)
  • Christopher Liu (UK)
  • Juan Carlos Abad (Colombia)
  • Mark Mannis (USA)
  • Mona Dagher (Canada)

Access Details

To register for this webinar visit: www.kpro.org/webinar