Canadian Eye Care Today Volume 2, Issue 2

The latest issue of Canadian Eye Care Today is now available. This publication features clinical perspectives and practical information on topics in eye care relevant to today’s clinician. Its peer-reviewed articles focus on the treatment and management of eye disease from a Canadian perspective.

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CECT vol 2 issue 2 cover

The content of this issue includes: Management of recurrent corneal erosions: A stepwise approach Yelin Yang, MD, FRCSC Trocar-based surgical techniques for drainage of management of suprachoroidal hemorrhages David RP Almeida, MD, MBA, PhD
Eric K. Chin, MD
Anti-VEGF therapy in pregnancy and breastfeeding Amy Basilious, MD
Rajeev H, Muni, MD, FRCSC
Verena R. Juncal, MD
Medical management of glaucoma for the pregnant and breastfeeding patient Gurkaran S. Sarohia, MD
Mathew M. Palakkamanil, MD, FRCSC
The evolving role of women in ophthalmology: Can they truly lean in?  Marie-Clause Robert, MD, FRCSC

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