A classic ophthalmology online resource, cybersight.org, recently had a facelift to its website design making it even more user-friendly. I have been a frequent visitor to the website since I was in training because of the plethora of free textbooks, surgical videos, webinars, and online courses. As a division of Orbis, the resources have a truly international perspective with many of our COS members contributing as well. The educational materials range from basic clinical techniques to subspecialty approaches, but also includes very practical information such as a Chinese-English Ophthalmology Dictionary (https://cybersight.org/portfolio/chinese-english-ophthalmology-dictionary/) with pinyin romanized phonetics. For those of you who like to test your own knowledge, there are also case quizzes to learn from. So, if you are looking for a reputable, updated ophthalmology website resource to add to your bookmarks, give cybersight.org a try.

Recommended by Christine Law, MD FRCSC
Chair, Practice Resource Centre
Canadian Ophthalmological Society