Working at an academic institution I am often exposed to which universities are at the forefront of providing great educational resources. One of the major players in this field is the University of Iowa Ophthalmology Department that has been diligently cataloguing cases, images, videos, and tutorials online at eyerounds.org for over a decade. As of January 2020, their free online atlas has 1200+ high-quality images that can be categorically searched. I have found this especially useful when I want to show residents (or myself) images of rare pathology quickly on my phone or computer. During rare downtime in the clinic or OR, you can also use the images as a quick quizzing tool. Although there is a video library as well, I have found the quality is variable depending on how long ago the video was recorded.

Aside from eyerounds.org, the University of Iowa has been a leader in creating a wet lab (simulation) curriculum for residents. Those of you that have trainees may be interested in viewing these resources available through a link at the bottom of their homepage. Other links they provide such as Cataract Surgery for Greenhorns or Gonioscopy.org may also be of use for trainees.

Recommended by Christine Law, MD FRCSC
Chair, Practice Resource Centre
Canadian Ophthalmological Society