Gonioscopy is one of the more challenging eye examination techniques for ophthalmology residents to learn. Unfortunately, in clinical practice gonioscopy, is not performed as often as it should be; therefore, Gonioscopy.org is a great tool that can be used to share techniques, images and provide a gap in knowledge for the ophthalmological community.

Target Audience

The informative website is designed by the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine to teach physicians and residents how to perform gonioscopy and to show the iridocorneal angle in health and in disease. 

Gonioscopy Videos

Examples of diagnoses are accompanied by videos to demonstrate specific exam techniques, techniques for difficult angles, and much more. There are occasional slit lamp videos as well if they provide illustrations of the findings in glaucoma-related diseases. These patient examples display an assortment of diagnoses and diseases that physicians can learn from. 

For a complete list of diagnoses with videography components, please see the detailed Diagnoses List to view specific techniques and findings. New videos are added frequently and will have red labels to indicate that they have been recently added to the website.

Access Details

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