Physician Health & Wellness

Burnout and depression among the medical community is becoming more commonplace. COS has prepared the list below offering our members support on topical resources including webinars, courses, articles, books, and more.

While we all face challenges to varying degrees, our culture of silence in medicine often precludes us from openly sharing what we are facing. Speaking up, however, not only offers you an opportunity to seek support, but also helps others who may be hesitant to speak up for themselves by reminding them they are not alone.

If you are experiencing thoughts and behaviours of depression or suicide, it is important to know that there are immediate supports available to you 24 hours a day. Click here to find a crisis centre near you and seek the support you need.

Kevin MD (

A collection of articles and blog posts on physician suicide and related issues, written by various medical professionals. LEARN MORE 

Pamela Wible, MD

A physician and author who advocates for the well-being of medical professionals and patients, with a focus on addressing physician suicide. LEARN MORE 

Nina Ahuja, MD FRCSC
Docs in Leadership

An online community for physicians interested in leadership development, emotional intelligence, education, and career development. LEARN MORE 

Canadian Medical Association
A New Era in Physician Health and Wellness

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Canadian Medical Association
The Silent Stigma Around Physician Suicide

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Canadian Psychological Association

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Canadian Mental Health Association
Workplace Mental Health

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Not Myself Today

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Envisioning a Canada Without Suicide

A suicide prevention initiative that aims to raise awareness, provide education and resources, and promote action to prevent suicide and support those affected by it. LEARN MORE