Practice Update: Eye Care

This month, I want to highlight a site that offers curated content in the eye care area, which I find useful within my practice as an ophthalmologist. PracticeUpdate is an Elsevier product which provides journal scans across both the ophthalmology and the optometry literature.

In addition, it provides commentary from key opinion leaders. While not all the content is relevant to all ophthalmologists, I find it gives me a good overview of what is current and allows me to select areas of interest to pursue further learning.

PracticeUpdate is commercially supported by online advertising, sponsorship, and educational grants, however claims that it ‘maintains the highest level of academic rigor, objectivity, and fair balance associated with all Elsevier products. No editorial content on the site is influenced in any way by commercial sponsors or content contributors.’

Another feature that may be useful is that you can also signup for journal scans in other areas such as neurology or diabetes care that may be of interest. By registering, you can customize options for what information you wish to have pushed out to you, how often, and in what areas.

The site is responsive for access from a variety of devices. Check it out at

Recommended by Dr. Colin Mann 
Chair, Practice Resource Centre