Royal College of Canada: Key Literature in Medical Education (KeyLime) Podcast

Key Lime Podcast

As ophthalmologists many of us have multiple roles in the course of our day – including being a clinician, a researcher and an educator. Medical school and residency generally prepare us for the medical knowledge, clinical and research skills we need for our careers. However, learning to become an educator is often something we are left to figure out on our own. I enjoy the teaching part of my job so much, that I decided to pursue a master’s in health professions education a few years ago. As I met other medical educators from around the world during my studies and at conferences, I noticed a common theme kept recurring once they learned I was Canadian. I kept hearing that Canada is well respected as a leader in medical education! I personally had no idea, but quickly learned that our CanMEDS are an educator favorite (and have been adopted in several other countries), the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) put on by our Royal College is very popular, and also people LOVE the Key Literature in Medical Education (KeyLime) Podcast also put on by our Royal College. I started listening to this podcast after hearing so many people mention it and I have to say I really look forward to each episode! This podcast comes out weekly and will highlight a medical education article in just 20 minutes. It is not speciality specific and is a great, easy way to keep up to date on what is happening in the medical education world. One podcast I would recommend in particular was a review on a paper published in 2018 in Ophthalmology– “Episode #166 Art, Eyeballs and #MedEd.” This study is about using training in the visual arts to teach observation skills to medical students. Check it out here and don’t forget to claim your MOC section 2 credit!


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