As a team of ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents, and medical students here at the University of Calgary, we are dedicated to exploring and developing simulation-based learning endeavours in surgical ophthalmology.

In this project, we provide walkthrough videos of the levels of the VR Magic EyeSi® Surgical simulator. A staple in many ophthalmology training programs, the EyeSi® system provides virtual modules to practice surgical skills in cataract surgery. However, there are no specific walkthroughs and tips provided by the simulator in completing each individual level. Hence our library of over 100 videos on Youtube® include individualized advice and narration on video walkthroughs on how we approached each level, and our final scoring as well. We hope these videos help ophthalmology residents in completing all the levels in the EyeSi® cataract simulator, that will translate directly into real-life operating room success!

Target Audience

This free and accessible series of videos has been designed to meet the educational needs of ophthalmology residents learning how to perform cataract surgery and associated complications on the VR Magic EyeSi Simulator®; it may also serve as a teaching resource for reference by ophthalmology faculty. It would also be helpful for medical students who wish to visualize various ophthalmic procedures for their interest and also explore current simulator training.

Learning Objectives

In watching the walkthrough videos, viewers will be able to:

  • Understand the goals and objectives for each level in the EyeSi® Cataract Simulator
  • Utilize the videos in our series to appreciate the core mechanic and manuevers necessary for scoring well for each level in the EyeSi® Cataract Simulator
  • Learn the skills important for, and the stages that comprise, the cataract surgery

Access Details

No login or registration required – simply visit our YouTube® channel with this link:, or type “Ophthalmology Simulation Explorer” in the search bar of Youtube®.

All of our videos are open access.