The New Normals

COVID has ushered in a bunch of new normals. The way we run clinic, how we vacation, and where our kids go to “school”. A more long-term change we may see in our profession is how we go to “school”.  Month after month, we will have to continue to make the difficult decisions regarding our upcoming conferences, whether to postpone, convert to virtual, or wait and see. In the meantime, many of us have chosen to take advantage of the opportunities that online webinars provide. Assembling panelists of speakers from around the world, peppering pioneers with the “why’s” and the “what’s” of how things came to be, and being able to reconnect with your former classmate from decades ago “face-to-face”. In fact, some of the comments from newly converted webinees are that these sessions are more personal than if we were sitting in a large auditorium (inevitability looking at the screen to attempt to see a speaker’s expressions).  With the support of Dr Sherif El-Defrawy and the DOVS planning committee, we initiated a weekly webinar called RETINA CONNECT. Our season comes to an end today with star-studded cast.  Anita Agarwal will be presenting Imaging of Placoid Disorders. Of course, I picked up her book, Gass’ Atlas of Macular Disease, off my shelf and read with pleasure in preparation. Her panelists include Larry Yannuzzi, Bailey Freund, Lee Jampol, and Dave Sarraf.  We will reconvene in the fall with monthly sessions. Hope you can join.

Tuesday June 30, 6pm EDT

RETINA CONNECT: Anita Agarwal – Placoid Imaging

Please click the zoom link below to join the webinar:

Password: connect

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Practice Resource Centre Committee Member, Canadian Ophthalmological Society