Recommended COVID-19 Resources

Recommended COVID-19 Resources

On 11 March 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the COVID-19 outbreak was a pandemic. What seemed to be overnight, our clinical, academic and personal lives turned upside down grappling with this new reality. COVID-19 has and will continue to impact communities and cities across Canada.  

Ophthalmologists – not unlike our colleagues across medicine – have many questions. How do I protect myself and my patients from COVID-19? How do I decide which clinical activities to continue and which to temporarily put on hold? Are there unique ocular implications of COVID-19?

These are some of the many questions we are facing. While there are no easy answers, there are several resources available to guide Canadian ophthalmologists in navigating these unchartered waters. The Practice Resource Committee (PRC) has compiled a list of some available resources for use. With this pandemic evolving ever so quickly, new and updated resources will become available. Please continue checking this page to stay informed on the latest recommendations to assist you in your practice and feel free to drop us a line if you come across a resource you would like to suggest. Finally, we also strongly encourage you to refer to your provincial or territorial guidelines for the standards that apply to you and your practice.





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Recommended by Zainab Khan, MD, FRCSC
Practice Resource Centre Committee Member, Canadian Ophthalmological Society