The BroadEYE Podcast explores knowledge gaps in ophthalmology and eye care, with guests hailing from ophthalmology and optometry clinics, vision research labs, industry, private companies, and the low vision community

Target Audience

The content we share can help ophthalmologists, residents, allied healthcare workers, and medical students stay up to date about the latest research developments, new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, and any information pertinent to the low vision community.

Learning Objectives

  • Bridge the scientific and clinical communities to clinicians, scientists, and patients.
  • Describe the latest research in eye care and ophthalmology.
  • Identify leaders in the low vision community.
  • Provide knowledge in the understanding of eye disease through both clinical and scientific approaches.
  • Explore the innovative thought process of industry and private companies in the ophthalmology sector.
  • Communicate knowledge gaps in eye care for patients with low vision impairments.
  • Keep a transparent communication with new diagnostics and treatments for eye diseases.

Access Details

The podcast has its own webpage at Every episode is posted there, with an embedded player and some information regarding the content discussed and about the guest.

The episodes can also be accessed directly through the major podcast platforms:

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts