The podcast features guest speakers from across Canada and innovative practitioners from around the world discussing diverse topics and how they impact ophthalmology. Topics range from emerging techniques and technologies to building individual resilience as Canadian physicians. Through it all, this podcast aims to build connections within the ophthalmological community, share our experiences, and to truly promote the value the profession brings to the lives of patients.

EyeCan Podcast – COS-SCO

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Episode Guide Season 3

Episode 1: Dr. Phil Hooper, COS President – Vision for 2023 and Beyond

Episode 2: Fixing Canadian Health Care w/guest Dr. Robert Bell

Episode 3: Advocacy, Awareness and the National Vision Health Desk w/guest Dr. Vivian Hill

Episode 4: The Patient’s Journey w/guest Doug Purdy

Episode Guide Season 2

Episode 1: Intro to Season 2 and Part 1 of w/ guest Lauren Brecher

Episode 2: Intro to Season 2 and Part 2 of w/ guest Lauren Brecher

Episode 3
: Being a resident today w/ guest Dr. Michael Nguyen

Episode 4
: Host Dr. Guillermo Rocha interviews another host, Dr. Setareh Ziai.

Episode 5: Strabismus Surgery w/guest Dr. Yi Ning J. Strube

Episode 6: 
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion w/guest Dr. Nupura Bakshi

Episode 7: 2022 at the Canadian Ophthalmological Society w/guest Dr. Colin Mann

Episode 8: Talking Markets and Investments with MD Financial w/guest Craig Maddock and Ian Taylor

Episode 9: Bioinformatics, deep learning, and clinical epidemiology w/guest Dr. Cecilia Lee

Episode 10: Mindfulness and Physician Wellness w/guest Dr. Agnes Wong

Episode 11: Global Ophthalmology w/guest Dr. Vivian Yin

Episode Guide Season 1

Episode 1: Podcast introduction and working in COVID

Episode 2: Gene Therapy ft. Dr. Robert K. Koenekoop

Episode 3: Innovation in Glaucoma ft. Dr. Hady Saheb

Episode 4: COVID-19 Second wave and beyond ft. Dr. James Chodosh

Episode 5: Navigating Retirement ft. Dr. Yvonne Buys

Episode 6: Physician Wellness w/ guest Dr. Nina Ahuj‪a‬

Episode 7:The COS in 2021 w/ guests Dr. Colin Mann and Elisabeth Fowle‪r

Episode 8: Competence by Design w/ guest Dr. Stephanie Baxter

Episode 9: The Eye Bank w/ guest Dr. Clara Chan

Episode 10: Innovating During a Pandemic w/ guest Dr. Ike Ahmed

Episode 11: Physician-focused Financial Advice w/MD Financial Management