New Essential Guidance for Quality Improvement

Expanding Learning QI Implementation

Aligned with calls to integrate quality improvement (QI) and physician life-long learning, the Royal College is collaborating with partners and stakeholders across the health care system to evolve its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. In small, practical increments, this renewed CPD strategy aims to be more relevant, improvement-focused, and user-friendly, enabling physicians to achieve care outcomes and/or continued personal-professional growth important to them and their patients.

Although these collective goals are clear, some specialists may be unfamiliar with QI principles and thus have difficulty connecting them to important improvement work they already do. Others might be challenged with identifying how to apply QI towards a specific personal development goal, professional practice role (e.g. clinician, educator, administrator), or transitioning stage of their career.

The following guidance aims to address these issues and provides:

  • An introduction to understanding Quality Improvement (QI) science
  • Tools, resources, and illustrative examples to help make connections between QI and existing professional practice.
  • Help to start planning, implementing, and reporting new QI initiatives in current professional practice.
  • Direction on claiming QI activities in the MOC program Section 3: Assessment activities (3 credits per hour).
What is QI?
New to QI and need a brief introduction? This section introduces the model for improvement (MFI) and its guiding questions to get you started.

How to do QI
Interested in knowing how to get started with QI? This section provides tools and resources to kickstart planning and implementing your quality improvement initiatives now.

Where to report QI
Section 3: Assessment Activity
Section 2: Self-Learning

For information on QI implementation visit the Royal College’s website.