Straight from the Cutter’s Mouth: A Retina Podcast

I have a secret…I love listening to podcasts! There is something very relaxing to me about simply turning off a screen, slipping on some headphones and listening to someone tell a story. Whatever your interests may be, I would bet you that there is a podcast on it! I recently learned that you can also claim podcasts as a scanning activity under Section 2 MOC for 0.5 credit per podcast. Since claiming credits to listening to “Serial” or “Dr. Death” would probably raise some eyebrows at the Royal College, I decided to do a little digging for ophthalmology podcasts that I could get CME credits for.

A retina colleague of mine suggested “Straight from the Cutter’s Mouth: A Retina Podcast.” Through interviews and discussions with leading retina specialists, they cover a wide range of topics from practice management, career development, medical and surgical retina, and also have a regular journal club.  You can access their podcasts from their main website, or through iTunes. You may find some episodes will be more or less relevant to you depending on your scope of practice.  

Overall, I have found that it is pretty easy to scroll through the podcasts and get a sense of their relevance for me by their titles. I think anyone who practices surgical/medical retina or comprehensive ophthalmology will likely find a few episodes of interest. I recently listened to “Episode 64: Yag Laser for Floaters”, which was a great review of three papers recently published looking at the role of Yag Laser Vitreolysis in these cases.  I probably would not have come across these papers otherwise.

So next time you are sitting in traffic on your way to work, why not play a podcast, learn something new and claim some MOC credits at the same time?

Recommended by Dr. Anu Mishra 
Anu Mishra, MD, MSHPEd, FRCSC
Practice Resource Centre Committee Member