Surgical Learning Opportunities from Home

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the ways in which we learn and exchange ideas. There are many impressive innovations in didactic teaching with almost all major conferences and meetings being shifted to online platforms. However, surgical education is not as easy to transform into online formats due to the inherent complexities in delivering these ideas virtually. Identifying and sharing surgical educational resources is of great priority to ophthalmologists. Prism Eye Institute is one such resource that every surgeon and surgeon-in-training should explore. These are available online, free of charge. Delivered every 1-2 weeks and accredited, they are delivered in a fun and interactive manner. They serve as good reviews for experienced surgeons and excellent learning tools for surgeons in training. Past topics include challenging cataract cases, navigating intraoperative complications, glaucoma cases, and many more. These rounds can be accessed online by registering at:

Prism Eye Round

Recommended by Zainab Khan, MD, FRCSC
Practice Resource Centre Committee Member, Canadian Ophthalmological Society