Webinar Series – Glaucoma Quarantini

Sponsored by Allergan, series of webinars taking place every Tuesday of the month of May

Date: May 5th,12th,19th and 26th         

Time:  4-5:30pm EST

Registration and Zoom link:


Webinar Topics :

  • May 5th:   Dr. Marjorie Carbonneau: Normal Tension Glaucoma
  • May 12th: Dr. Jing Wang: Secondary Glaucomas
  • May 19th: Dr. Hady Saheb: Angle Closure Glaucoma
  • May 26th: Dr. Georges Durr: Anterior Segment Imaging

Speaker Details:

  • Dr. Marjorie Carbonneau, Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma Specialist
  • Dr. Jing Wang, Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma Specialist, Hôpital Saint-Sacrement de Québec
  • Dr. Hady Saheb, Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma Specialist, MUHC
  • Dr. Georges Durr, Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma Specialist, CHUM


Véronique Genest at [email protected]