COS – Ophthalmic Surgery Prioritization

Ophthalmic Surgery Prioritization

Updated, May 28, 2020

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Hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers are facing a large backlog of “elective” surgical procedures due to cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The continuation of ophthalmic surgical care is vital to prevent vision loss and consequent disability in the Canadian population. The impact of visual impairment (VI) on productivity, mental health , fall risk, childhood development, and quality of life metrics has been well established. The effect of VI is not limited to individuals and often has a wider impact on the patient’s family and society as a whole.


  1. To provide a framework for prioritization of individual ophthalmic surgeon cases that can be applicable across Canada and across ophthalmology subspecialties during COVID.
  2. To advocate for ophthalmic surgery within hospital setting
  3. To have the ability to audit/compare across ophthalmic surgeons for quality

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