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Registration Now Open! 52nd Sally Letson Symposium Focusing In: Ophthalmology and Wellness Practice Pearls
Juil 27th, 2021

Sally Letson Symposium Registration NOW OPEN! Note: Early Bird Deadline Ends August 16th  The 52nd Sally Letson Symposium is scheduled to be held virtually on September 11th, 2021. Symposium Organizers: Chair: Deepinder K. Dhaliwal, MD, L.Ac Co-Chair: Saama Sabeti, MD, MPH, FRCSC Program Description: The 52nd Sally Letson Symposium Focusing In: Ophthalmology and Wellness Practice […]

Peut-on réapprendre à voir quand on a perdu la vision ? | Cynthia Qian | TEDxUmontreal
Juil 13th, 2021

La Dre Cynthia Qian présente deux méthodes révolutionnaires pour aider les personnes atteintes d’une maladie héréditaire de la rétine, à retrouver la vision. La thérapie génique chez les jeunes enfants dont la maladie est à un stade précoce, et l’œil bionique pour les personnes ayant complètement perdu la vue. La cécité n’est plus une fatalité. […]

DOVS RESIDENT TEACHING – On-call essentials and How to get your paper accepted
Juil 7th, 2021

Date: Friday July 9, 2021 Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM  Topic Title: On-call essentials and How to get your paper accepted Speakers: Drs. Eli Kisilevsky and Michael Mimouni Registration: Passcode: Zi9ryy

Ophthalmology Foundation Education Consortium (OFEC) Newsletter
Juin 21st, 2021

The OFEC launched earlier this year as part of the Ophthalmology Foundation’s efforts to advance ophthalmic education. A good place to start your exploration of the programs the OFEC will be offering is the Education Consortium page on the Ophthalmology Foundation website. The OFEC will offer educational tools and learning opportunities for all ophthalmic teachers. […]

Juin 15th, 2021

The podcast features guest speakers from across Canada and innovative practitioners from around the world discussing diverse topics and how they impact ophthalmology. Topics range from emerging techniques and technologies, to building individual resilience as Canadian physicians. Through it all, this podcast aims to build connections within the ophthalmological community, share our experiences and to […]

MedED Talks Podcast- Innovative Approaches to the Treatment of Neovascular Retinal Diseases
Juin 14th, 2021

Within this 6-part podcast series, experts in the field evaluate the latest safety and efficacy findings pertaining to emerging therapies that may advance the treatment of neovascular diseases, as well as provide discussion on how these emerging therapies may be incorporated into real-world practice. Available Episodes: Drug Delivery Systems in Neovascular Retinal Disease» Length: 15:29Carl […]

Talking About Glaucoma Podcast
Juin 9th, 2021

The Talking About Glaucoma podcast has been around since 2009. In each episode, Dr Robert Schertzer, a Vancouver-based glaucoma specialist, talks with a different glaucoma colleague about a hot topic in glaucoma. Episodes have included discussions about new surgical devices, landmark clinical trials and basic bread and butter glaucoma principles. If you get more out […]

Women Leaders in Eye Health Webinar Series
Mai 3rd, 2021

Women In Ophthalmology (WIO), Seva Foundation, and Orbis International have come together to offer a global webinar series in May 2021 for current and prospective women in ophthalmology. Please join us for two engaging sessions with dynamic, global speakers and moderators. Speakers will share personal stories and experiences, highlighting strategies and key takeaways on the […]

RESIDENT TEACHING – Childhood Glaucoma’s
Avr 21st, 2021

  Date: Friday April 23, 2021 Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST Topic: Childhood glaucoma’s   Speaker: Dr. Asim Ali  Registration: Zoom Link – Passcode: X6DFb8