MÉDUSE offers online training modules and resources for all specialist physicians. The training courses have been designed in collaboration with medical associations in order to meet physician needs.

Méduse offers competency training modules and transferable skills, such as collaborator, leader, communicator, professional, health advocate and scholar, as per the 2015 CanMEDS Framework of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

The competencies aim to encourage specialists to gain and improve a variety of skills that are core to their practice and the delivery of quality patient care.

Learners can evaluate their knowledge with the pre-and post-tests, which are available for each course. Online learners can also share comments or read comments from fellow colleagues in the discussion forums of online courses. All the training modules offered on the e-learning platform are free for specialist doctors and accessible at all times.

Access Details

How to Access Training Modules: Sign in to the FMSQ portal and access the courses on MEDUSE.