Happy People Work Better

The Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (CJPL) is a peer-reviewed journal launched in 2014. Published quarterly, it focuses on topics and issues related to leadership and the health care system as they pertain mainly, but not exclusively, to physicians and physician leaders.

Volume 4, Issue number 3, Happy People Work Better features:

  • Achieving Joy in Canada’ health care system: What can we do today?
    – Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD
  • Turning burnout into joy
    – Mamta Gautam, MD
  • Transforming health care through systems and stories
    – Cheryl Heykoop, DSocSci, and Guy Nasmyth, PhD
  • Five fundamentals of civility for physicians: Part 2
    – Michael Kaufmann, MD
  • The continuing challenge of patient-centred care
    – Michael Gardam, MD and Judith John, BA
  • Could Saskatchewan become the best place in the world to practise medicine?
    – Susan Shaw, MD, and Ivan Muzychka
  • Accountability and trust: Sitting on a three-legged stool
    – Darren Larsen, MD
  • Physician leadership development through the lens of LEADS and competency-based education
    – Ming-Ka Chan, MD, Celia Rodd, MD, Elisabete Doyle, MD, Eleanor MacDougall, MD, Jenette Hayward, MD, and Karen Gripp, MD
  • Stories from our CCPES: Journey into the unknown
    – Gary Ing, MD
  • Stories from our CCPES: My leadership journey
    – William Sischek, MD

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