Sight Unseen: The Rounds Ophthalmic Case Competition

Deadline: March 31, 2024

As part of The Rounds’ commitment to fostering excellence and knowledge-sharing in the field of ophthalmology, they are excited to invite you to participate in the Sight Unseen: The Rounds Ophthalmic Case Competition.

This unique competition provides a platform for you to showcase your expertise and contribute to the collective knowledge of the ophthalmic community.

It is encouraged that you to share your most intriguing and challenging medical cases, allowing your experiences to shape and elevate the understanding of your peers.

By submitting your case, you not only play a crucial role in advancing the field but also stand a chance to gain well-deserved recognition. As a finalist, your case will be prominently featured, offering you an opportunity to shine in the spotlight among your esteemed colleagues on The Rounds.

The excitement doesn’t end there! As the ultimate winner, you have the chance to seize up to $1000 in prizes. Your dedication and commitment to excellence in ophthalmology will be acknowledged and celebrated.

To learn more about the competition, CLICK HERE.